Insurello receives SEK 6.3 million in its second round of investment

They help you receive insurance compensation when you hurt yourself – now Insurello is taking in a SEK 6.3 million investment from, among others, Luminar Ventures.


Insurello is a digital service that helps you receive compensation after an injury. Through its digital platform, the company manages all communication and relevant processes with insurance companies in your place. Now they are taking in a SEK 6.3 million investment from Luminar Ventures, Wave Ventures and angel investors.


” We are very impressed by the Insurello team and what they have accomplished in a short timeframe. The insurance industry is about to change through digitalisation in technology. Insurello has developed a service which creates strong value for a lot of people that has become injured and is not compensated in the right way”, Jacob Key, General Partner at Luminar Ventures says.


“This is the beginning of a new chapter for the insurance industry and for Insurello. We are very excited and happy for their trust and the opportunities that this investment creates for Insurello”, says Marcus Janback, co-founder and CEO of Insurello.


Insurello won the award for “this year’s start-up company” (Sw. Årets startup-bolag) in the winter of 2017 in Business Challenge and has since then, among other things, launched the service municipality inspector (Sw. kommungranskaren), a comparison service which covers all 290 municipality insurances in Sweden. The company is growing fast and has already several thousand insurance cases which are handled through their platform.


The investment will be used to continue develop the platform and launch new value creating services for both the consumers and the insurance companies. One problem today is that several people neglect their right for compensation for scars, pain or similar from, e.g. a broken ankle or damaged knee. The reason for this is that in the majority of the cases the customer do not know what insurance they are covered by, and what rights they have with the different insurance companies.


Insurello will also assist the insurance companies to become more digitalised and simplify their management process through its digital platform.


Our vision is that everyone should be compensated with the amount that they deserve when an accident occurs. With this investment we have the opportunity to continue to build on our platform and to launch new technical solutions for the customers – which in turn enables for more customers to be compensated with an amount that they deserve”, says Marcus Janback.

For further information, please contact:

Marcus Janback, co-founder and CEO of Insurello

+46 790 111 222